Boyfriends balls hurting after having sex for the first time in two years

Patient: My boyfriend and I recently got back together after two years. In that time I have had a son who will be three months old in march. He has abstained from sex and did not even masturbate during the time either. Anyways, we had sex last night and while he was finishing he had a sharp pain in his balls that still has not gone away. Is there something wrong? Or is this normal?

Doctor: The pain in testis your boyfriend had complained mostly is originated from prostate. It is usually seen if the ejaculate was too much or too little, former could be cause in your boyfriend. It is normal, if subsides early, but if it continues, he requires medications and pain killers. Regular masturbation help to empty prostate glands and reduces the incidence of pain. Consult a physician to rule out other conditions like injury, infection, cancers, etc.