Boyfriends sperm on finger went in me

Patient: Me and my boyfriend was messing around he had sperm on his finger and injected . I’ve missed my period and I’m have sharp back pains and bloating and cramps and my breast are very tender and growing fast they r tight tho???? I can’t get a pregnancy test because my parents please help I need an answer?!??

Symptoms: Bloated vomiting tender breast missed period lower back pain

Doctor: Thank you for your query.Only with signs & symptoms it is difficult to say whether you are pregnant or not. When t he semen sample is placed closed to the vagina even a drop could have enough spermatozoa (in a normozoospermic sample) to impregnate a woman. Either with a home pregnancy test or a blood test or an ultrasound scan or internal examination only one can confirm whether it is a pregnancy or not. From the things you have started it looks like you have probably conceived. But with these symptoms we cannot confirm, these can overlap with other conditions like premenstrual cycle syndrome etc.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.