Brain cancer

Patient: I have been through deep depression and took lots of depression medicine but nth work I have also loss of memory change i n personality unable to focus unable to work could I have a brain cancer ? I see a doctor he check on me me but he say 99.9 percent I don’t have but he ask for ct scan I’m worried would I have brain cancer?

Doctor: Depression associated with memory loss and personality change are mostly psychiatric disorders not associated with any p hysical lesion in brain. Rarely a space occupying lesion in temporal region of brain can cause these condition. There are many space occupying lesion, out of which cancer is one but a rarest one. Your doctor has advised for CT scan in order to rule out any organic lesion of the cause and then treat with medications as per the reports. Don’t worry as cancers are rare and it could be a psychiatric disorder alone. Followup with your doctor after the test done for further advise.

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Guest: thank you very much – I just to told you that all of this happen for no reason and I have headache also I don’t know but no any type of medecine works and that what make me confused I also tried talk therapy it didn’t work also I used to be very very hopeful more than anyone else but. this happened for no reason