Brain fog, lack of concentration due to ejaculation

Patient: Hi doc i am 27 year old. 60 kg weight height 5.7″.. my problem is my brain feel foggy .. after ejaculation my brain gets numb and i feel very warm feeling inside my head which is a total discomfort.. and it remains for two or three days … soon after ejaculation i feel… dizziness and foggy in brain.. i used to masterbate a lot in past… in past the warmth feeling used to disappear in just 5 to 10 minutes .. but it got inscreaed and now sometime a whole week i feel foggy… and imbalnced…

Symptoms: Brain fog, lack of concentration, uncomfortable warmth in head

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.When you masturbate, you activate the sympathetic system and the parasympathetic system. T his will increase the symptoms that you are having. I recommend that you stop masturbating. This is also because masturbating causes a loss of proteins and can cause weakness.At the same time, please get your blood checked. Check for a full panel of tests like:CBCLFTKFTThis should help you to reach some sort of conclusion. Hope this helps you. All the best.