Breakthrough bleeding or something else

Patient: I have been taking birth control for about a year and a half and recently me and my boyfriend decided to try to get pregnant and I had already taken 8 days of my new pack of birth control and stopped taking them on a Sunday and in the evening of the day after stopped taking my birth control(Monday) I started spotting very lightly the next day (Tuesday)the bleeding got a little heavier but was still somewhat light and I had a lot of pressure in my Lower abdomen and then it went to spotting again in the afternoon and today (wednesday) I woke up with a medium flow and cramps again in my abdomen do you think this is Just breakthrough. Bleeding and my body getting use to getting off the pill or something else ?

Doctor: You are definitely experiencing a breakthrough bleeding caused by stopping the oral contraceptive. I see no reason for y ou to get concerned. The bleeding should subside and periods should become regular within the next 2-3 cycles. I wish you well, take care.