Breast enlargement creams

Patient: I so desperately want larger breasts, but am afraid of surgery. Are breast creams designed to enlarge breasts dangers to take/buy online?

Doctor: Thank you for your question.There are no creams on the market that have any evidence to actually increase breast siz e. I would seriously caution you to avoid these, not for medical risk, rather for wasting both your time and your money.Breast Augmentation is a very common and safe surgery. Millions of women have this surgery done every year with excellent results and high satisfaction. A plastic surgeon can explain the different options available to you based on your breast shape. The 2 main type of implants are silicone and saline (salt water) filled. They have both been studied extensively and have a well documented safety profile. Breast Augmentation would necessitate being off work for about 1 week, and avoiding heavy lifting for 1 month. The pain is well tolerated with pain pills and the wounds heal very well.I think it would be worth your time to make an appointment with a plastic surgeon to discuss your options.