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Breast Implants vs Lift

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Hello, I am getting my breasts done because I have recently lost about 30 lbs and they are a lot smaller now, and from weight loss and gain have gotten extremely saggy (in my eyes). My surgeon said I am borderline needing a lift as well as implants but because I am wanting to have kids within the next 5 years that I could wait for a lift... ( because I will want one after my children anyways). I am worried that an augmentation won't be enough to lift my boobs, I want a second opinion please. Is implant alone enough? If I do need a lift with it, can I get another lift in around 7 years after I have my children?


I agree with your plastic surgeon. You should only get implants at thi time. Implants not only come in various sizes, but various shapes as well. Selecting the appropriate shaped implant will give the appearance of a llift and thus avoid having to do a surgical lift at this time. Should you decide to do a lift at this time, you would still be able to have another surgical lift after you have completed child-bearing.

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