Breast Reduction Options

Patient: I started birth control (NuvaRing) when I was 25. I’m now 27 (so I’ve been on it for a total of about 2 years). When I was 25, I was 5’8″ and 130 pounds with ~ 34FF breasts (up from a 34 DDD when I was 18). Now I’m 5’8″ and 135 pounds with a ~34HH (or bigger in some companies). I have a lot of pain in my back, shoulders, and neck. My breasts are very dense, heavy, and pendulous. If I discontinue NuvaRing and lost 5-10 pounds, will my breasts decrease in size? Eventually I want a breast reduction, but I’m very worried about major surgery and the possibility of not being able to breastfeed later down the line when I have children (I have none now). Also, I’ve read the breast size can grow back during pregnancy. Please advise. Best,

Symptoms: Back pain, discomfort, a little difficulty with breathing due to breast weight