Breast soreness and growth during mid 20s.

Patient: I apologize in advance, I have more than one question.1) Is it possible to experience breast growth at 20 years old with no outside influences present, such as pregnancy or weight gain?2) Would it be normal for soreness to be present during breast growth?3) How far along does a woman have to be in order to experience breast growth? Can this process begin within days?

Symptoms: Sore breasts

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Breast contains ducts, alveoli, fatty tissue etc. Under hormo nal influence like in pregnancy growth of ducts and alveoli can occur. Increased fatty tissue deposition can be seen during weight gain etc.1.Other possible causes of increased size of breast are engorgement of breast as seen in premenstrual phase, infection of breast, lumps in breast, hormones producing tumors in other organs like ovaries etc. 2.Depending on the cause of breast engorgement sometimes pain can be seen as in mastitis, in pre menstrual phase etc.3. The time taken for breast enlargement also depends on cause.In case of infection, hormonal influence etc enlargement can be seen in few days.If you are noticing faster growth with symptoms like pain etc, better to consult your doctor once and get examined.Examination and investigations like mammography can help in finding out the cause of the problem.Take care.