Breast tenderness and swelling

Patient: I am a female, almost 51. I have Mirana (sp) IUD and it is to be replaced this month. I had an OB check up in October of this year. Over the last 4 weeks my breasts have become sore, pregnancy sore and have grown 2 sizes. They are so tender and I’m miserable. Is its possible that I’m pregnant or is this menopause…weight gain seems to be in mid section. I work out rigorously 4-5 times a week and am finding it difficult with this pain. HELP!!!!!

Doctor: Pregnancy is possible but unlikely at this age, especially with mirena in situ. The uncomfortably sore breasts may be r elated to some other problem as well. A pregnancy test may dispel your doubts about a possible pregnancy. Swollen tummy may be because of abdominal fat accumulation, so common at this age, but uncommon despite rigorous exercise. Please consult your doctor for advice specific to your circumstances, especially for the pain.