Breasts keep shrinking and feel empty.

Patient: I started a daily exercise and low fat diet regime a year ago. I went from a size 12(UK)/8(US) to a size 6(UK)/2(US) and from about 25% body fat to just under 20%. My bra size dropped from 34C to a 34AA and my breasts feel empty to the touch and wrinkle with very loose skin. I still exercise (cardio & weights) but with more protein/fat in my diet and my weight has been stable for months, but my breasts keep shrinking. I have never been pregnant and take progestogen-only oral contraception. I am desperate to know what might be causing it.

Symptoms: Decreasing breast size

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.Breasts are made of fatty and connective tissues. The fat accounts for the major part of the breast. Thus, when you start to lose weight, the fat in the breasts will reduce. This will cause them to decrease in size.This is nothing to be worried about and is a normal phenomenon. If the breasts become very small, it will be important to talk to a Doctor. Also, talk to a Doctor if you have changes in your body like irregular periods and such. I hope this helps you. All the best.