Breathing Difficulty

Patient: I picked asthma as my topic, but don’t think asthma is my concern. I have had breathing trouble consistently for almost three years now. Not having health coverage, I haven’t done much about it. Just recently I went to a doctor who suspects a hiatal hernia, as my main breathing complaint is that I can’t achieve a deep breath. In addition to this symptom, which is with me nearly all the time, I have severe stomach gas immediately after every meal. I thought it might be a food allergy, but after methodically cutting out several foods, the gas and distention remain. I am scheduled for an endoscopy and plan on having a stool sample taken to address the gas issue, but in the mean time I wanted to ask something specific about my breathing trouble. I know for sure that the gas effects my breathing, but I think it is more than that as well. The one symptom I find peculiar is that my breathing is almost always relieved when I am lying down. It’s not that I relax and all of a sudden can breath, my ability to breath deeply immediately changes once lying. Do you have any opinion on why this might be? I mean I go from not being able to get a deep breath at all, to breathing deeply at will. Thanks you in advance for a response.