Breathing issues with exercise

Patient: When I run or do strenuous aerobics, I develop difficulty breathing (as in a tight chest). It usually happens immediately after stopping, or during the running. I have asked an asthma specialist, and he said exercise-induced asthma symptoms usually occur at least 5 minutes after stopping. He told me that it most likely is not asthma. If not that, then what could it be? I originally thought it might be hyperventhilation, because I breathe quickly at times.

Doctor: I understand your worry about your exercise related shortness of breath. According to your description of the events and after reading your history of allergies, it would be very probable for you to have exercise induced asthma.Since you have a history of atopy which is a condition of allergic sensitivity, your bronchi might also be sensitive. I want you to know that asthma is commonly related to atopy and it is also considered an allergy of the respiratory mucosa.I would suggest you to consult your physician if your shortness of breath continues or increases in severity, he or she might prescribe a bronchodilator to help you during exercise activities. It is also recommended for you to identify allergens that might cause constriction of your airways to avoid them in the future. I wish you a prompt recovery.