Breathing problem due to dust allergy and followed by cold

Patient: I get breathing problem and catch cold due to dust allergy…i have seen the doctor regarding this and i am fine now.. but i need a inhaler for this problem if suddenly i get in contact to dust or pollution while travelling

Symptoms: Breathing problem, catching cold

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Some people are prone to dust allergies, they may also be allergic to fumes, pollen, anim al hair, parthenium, perfumes, change in weather and many more.The cause of the allergy has to be detected and avoiding the exposure to same is the best way to deal with it. The doctor may advise you on preventive medicines like montelukast which must be taken for 3 weeks. It may prevent an allergy and control it soon. the other treatment would be giving you antihistamines like citrezene whenever you get an attack. Inhalers are not needed in minor cases, they are only advised in people who develop a wheeze and are unable to breathe, as in acute asthma or acute bronchitis. It will not prevent you from picking a cold or getting an allergy but only help you breathe and provide relief symptomatically. If you still wish to use them, check with your doctor and may need salmeterol or a combination of salmeterol with steroid inhalers. Discuss regarding the dose and the drug with your doctor.Avoid exposure to dust, keep your nose and mouth covered while anticipating an exposure.Hope this helpedReagrds