Breathing problem in sides and back

Patient: I’m having breathing problems. my upper side will hurt and recently my back, it feels like there is a bubble in my side or back. it hurts on both sides but not at the same time, the left side would hurt more often. it will start hurting at random or if i change positions when i lay down to quickly but when it stared it only hurt a little and all i needed to do was to hold my breath and twist my upper body as far as it could go and it would disappear. now it has gotten worse, it hurts more and will not go away at times. i went to the doctors for it but all that said was “it’s ether gas or heart burn.” but i have had both and it feels nothing like gas or heart burn, it feels like a bubble is pushing its self against my ribs put its not like a gas bubble. my mom was with me when i went to the doctors so she dose not believe my when i told she how it feels, so i have no one to ask so please answer my question I’m very scared and i will do any thing to make it go away.

Symptoms: pain in both sides and back.
feels like a bubble pressing against my rids