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Breathing Problems

Patient: I have been having breathing problems for a little over a year but it has been getting worse. I don’t know if it is because of anxiety, medical history, asthma, etc. (I have not been diagnosed with asthma).These problems occur out of the blue but get severe in warm weather. When I will try to breathe it’s as if it gets stuck right at the chest and I am not able to take the full breath. After many repetitions of this my chest area will start to ache. At times it will start having this sharp pain when I try to inhale. Even if I try taking slower breaths or try to calm down, it never helps.


Symptoms: Severe chest pain lasting 5-20 minutes

Doctor: Breathless is seen in severe hypothyroidism. more over you are complaining of pain due to breathlessness. Your thyroid l evels must be checked again. You might even chest infection, which is quiet common in hypothyroidism. Consult a physician and endocrinologist at the earliest to diagnose the exact cause of breathlessness and treated appropriately.


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Guest: It might be seasonal asthma. Check with your doctor


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