Breathing problems during soccer

Patient: Hi, I chose asthma as the category because i could not figure out a better one to to choose. I play soccer on a regular basis and have for a long time now, this issue started about 5 years ago and i recently was bothered by it because i just started playing more intensly recently. I have trouble breathing when i play in a real game of soccer. The problem is that it only occurs when its a real game, not training or when me and friends are messing around…it seems that in a way that in a real game i’m very excited and “pumped up” and after a very short time of running hard i have much trouble breathing, my throat closes up a little and my muscles feel very tight and my heart rate feels very fast. I can run much much longer when im not in a real game…but i feel like the adrenaline or something makes this happen to me. I went for pulmanary testing years ago when it started and they found nothing and didnt belive i had asthma…i was wondering if there was any explanation for this…Thank you very much