Breathing trouble in a teen girl

Patient: Hi, I’m a 16 year old girl who is healthy weight and would have considered myself fairly fit until recently. I love running and constantly do it but recently I find it very to get my breath back after a run I have bad coughing fits and I get a burning in my chest . I’m starting to get worried but I have a family history of Asthma. What do you think?

Doctor: I understand your worry about your symptoms of shortness of breath and cough after a run. Keeping into mind that you hav e a family history of asthma and allergy to hay, your symptoms could be due to asthma which is aggravated by running and exercise. I would suggest you to consult your physician if your shortness of breath continues or increases in severity, he or she might prescribe a bronchodilator to help you during exercise activities. It is also recommended for you to identify allergens that might cause constriction of your airways to avoid them in the future. I wish you a prompt recovery.