Breathing while running

Patient: I have been running for many years and experiencing a problem with breathing. I can run 5-6 miles fairly easy but have to slow to a walk frequently to let my heart rate slow down and recover my breath.Recently I completeted an echocardigram in 17 minutes without difficulty. Running on a treadmill isn’t a problem. EKG, breathing tests all come back with positive results.Any postive comments will be greatly appreciated.My resting heart rate is 64, blood pressure 114/70. I run in the 8-9 minute range. Slower running doesn’t really seem to help.

Doctor: In my opinion, it looks like you are in good shape. Your heart rate and Blood pressure are pretty good and I dont see an y abnormality in slowing down after running for 6 miles to recover your breath.If you feel short of breath, you could try improving your breathing techniques. The rhythm of breathing should be even, so that youre not panting. In order to suck down enough air, you need to breathe through both your nose and mouth. And when you exhale, you puff out your cheeks. You do this so you can retain some residual air which you need in order to have a better exchange of oxygen. I wish you the best.