Patient: I m feeling breathless most of the times…even with low activity. I have been diagnosed with rhinitis allergy. Please can u suggest cure and help me.

Symptoms: Breathlessness. Snoring and tiredness

Doctor: Allergic Rhinitis is a disease of the upper respiratory tract that occurs due to exposure to an allergen (otherwise harm less environmental agent) to which you have developed sensitivity to. It is important to manage allergies early, to avoid complications like Bronchial Asthma later in life. You are advised to consult an Allergy Specialist, who would help you to identify the cause of your allergy. This is done by conducting specific tests like ‘Dermal Sensitivity Tests’ for Environmental Agents like Pollens, Fungi, Dusts, Animal Dander/ Epithelia, Dust Mites, etc. By knowing the cause of your allergy, therapy can be customized accordingly. If you cannot avoid the allergen to which you show severe sensitivity to, ‘Allergen Specific Immunotherapy’ (pre-seasonal or co-seasonal) can be planned by your Allergy Doctor to desensitize your body or to develop tolerance for the offending agent. You may even grow out of your allergies if scheduled therapies are followed under expert guidance.