Breathless Episodes, possible Asthmatic?

Patient: Two weeks ago I started suffering after exercise with extreme breathless episodes, which hasn’t stopped. It happens every time I do physical exertion/exercise. I have more problem getting breath out rather than allowing breath to get in, and now I’ve started coughing during the attacks too. It’s also happened today while not physically exerting myself but around smoke. When it happens I feel like somethings irritating my airways and it feels really uncomfortable, almost like someones squeezing or tightening my chest/lungs. My doctor took pretty much one look at me and said it was anxiety and put it down to depression and placed me on 20mg Fluoxetine, but I really don’t think it is, and think it’s asthma or something else and I just need a second opinion.

Symptoms: Coughing, Breathlessness, Difficulty Breathing, Wheezing, Tight Chest