Breathless in Oklahoma

Patient: I have been a runner for 18 years. Within the past year I have found it increasingly difficult to breath while running. Now am able to only run a short distance before stopping. Am 66 years old and have had a pacemaker (brachycardia) for 9 years.

Symptoms: Difficult to catch me breath when exercising, nighttime headaches which wake me almost every night, frequent (sometimes urgent) urination.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your history. .To recapitulate: 66 years – pacemaker (brachycardia) for 9 years – runner for 18 years – increasing difficulty to breath while running – can run only short distances – Also have night time headaches which wake you up almost every night – frequent and sometimes urgent urination.As per the history, you have provided this looks to be either the cardiac problem or the respiratory problem.I would advise in such a situation the following:You need a thorough clinical evaluation, examination and related tests.Clinical evaluation by a Cardiologist and Pulmonologist.Tests of Cardiac workup, pulmonary function tests.Tests of blood and urine.Ultrasonography of the whole abdomen particularly for the urinary system.All these lead to a perfect diagnosis to find the cause of your problems and hence can be well treated.I hope this answer helps you to get a proper and early diagnosis and proper treatment.