Breathlessness and bladder control in 22-year old female

Patient: My 22 year old niece has been having severe attacks of breathlessness for the past 7 years. Doctors have confirmed it is not asthma-probably allergic. Around the same time she also started getting hives (urticaria). Are these two related? what is the immediate first aid one can give to her at this time?She has also started having a bladder control problem since the first day of her 10th standard exam (she was 15 years old) – till then there had been no problem. Now she needs to go to the bathroom frequently. She also experiences extreme thirst, with her lips going white.Do all these problems have a common underlying cause? – thyroid or any other hormone. Or stress?I feel one has to have a holistic look att the problem – it is not a separate kidney/urology problem ; or just a pulmonary prob? Which doctor should we go to? Totally confused and helpless.

Symptoms: Breathlessness, urticaria, bladder control and thirst