Breeding and abnominal pains after ectopic pregnancy treatment

Patient: Dear Doctor, I have just been treated from ectopic pregnancy through sucking. Infact I found myself pregnant four days before my menrtualating. At first I was feeling pains as if I want to begin my cyle but nothing was goinng on. When I wnet for malaria test, the doctor suggested that I also go for pregnancy test and was found post. Since the pains inthe lower part of the abdomen was severe I decide to go again for scan. This revealed that I have an ectopic pregancy which was less that a week old. The doctor suggeted that I remove it immediately through sucking, which I did. Now its 12 days since I did that I an still bledding though not heavy and still experiencing pains in the lower part of abdomen.Is this normal? What can I do to stop the bleeding and the pains?