Bright Yellow Stool in Pregnancy

Patient: Hi, I was just wondering what the cause could be for having very bright yellow stool? It wasn’t floating at all, and in fact was rather heavy and sank. I’m not on any meds but I am 5 weeks pregnant. I’ve also had really bad stomach pains and cramps recently. I can’t find any diagnosis that matches as this isn’t diarrhea, nor do I have any yellowing of skin, eyes, etc. Thanks!

Doctor: I truly understand that you are concerned about your health and your baby’s.The cause of having yellow stools could be be just explained by being an unusual event , but since you are 5 weeks pregnant and you also have pain and cramps in the upper abdomen , it is recommended for  you to be evaluated by a physician to rule out  gastrointestinal problems including the predisposition of gallstone formation.  Gallstones are increased in pregnancy states. ,The chest pain that you feel could also be caused by your pre natal state in which acid reflux increases due to a diminished esophageal sphincter tone.I also suggest you to talk to your physician about prenatal vitamins/minerals especially containing folate and iron; they are beneficial for the baby and yourself especially during the first trimester.