Broke Vertebrates need help!

Patient: I had a four wheeler wreak Dec. 9,2010 the four wheeler landed straight on my back. I went right to the hospital that night which that missed it they xrayed that top part of my spine besides the lower part. So two monthes later I got an MRI and it showed I had multiple fractures down my spine which are L1-L4 and a bulging disc between L4-L5. I had gotting better but the past month I have been hurting pretty bad again like the day after it had happened! I dont know what to do anymore I have been to doctor after docter. I have had epideral shots that didnt help me. A orthopedic surgon said two mothes after the wreak when they finally realized I was really hurt said they would of did surgery the night I had the wreak if they would of caught it but, then the second time I went to see him he re xrayed me and said oohh some have grown back together but not all of them and you will laugh about this in a year which I dont find it funny. And I just need help I have been in the bed with pilliows under my legs and heating pad on my back and ice too for two weeks I just need help! Thanks