Broken finger healed crooked. Fixable?

Patient: I broke my finger a few years ago. When it was put into the cast, it healed crooked. Here are some pictures:,xQ18nqW,voIPbhl,ppVLB41Is it possible to reset it? It broke near the middle knuckle.

Doctor: Hi welcome to Ask The Doctor,If you’ve ever broken a bone or know someone who has, chances are you’re familiar with casts and splints. Doctors use them to keep bones from moving and to support injured limbs while they heal. Although a doctor may be able to tell whether a bone is broken simply by looking at the injured area, he or she will also order an X-ray to confirm the fracture and determine exactly what type it is. I recommend you to visit your doctor, he will examine your finger and suggest you the best.Hope this helps. Wish you good health.