Broken hand, no cast?

Patient: My 13-year-old son broke a bone in his hand a few days ago. Had it x-rayed and it is broken. The orthopedic made a few jokes with my son and I and put a piece of Velcro tape on two of his fingers. He said it would be 4-6 weeks to heal. What is healing. He did not cast or really splint it. Will this really heal? Was not very confident in his decision when I left. Please respond.




Symptoms: Broken Hand

Doctor: Thank you for you question. Depending on the severity of the fracture in your son’s hand, will determine whether or not he requires a cast, splint or simple to have it stabilized with tape while it heals. Minor ‘hairline’ fractures not involving the entire bone do not usually require a cast. The fracture of your son’s hand is probably not severe enough to require a cast or splint. Please follow the instructions given to you by the doctor to facilitate the healing of your son’s fracture.Thank you for consulting

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