Brother in law (48 yrs old) was in a community

Patient: Brother in law (48 yrs old) was in a community hospital in Windsor, ontario for 5 days last week in excruciating pain. They said he needs gall bladder removed … But not til July due to acuity and high blood pressure. Sent him home with blood pressure meds. Back in ER last night in severe pain. Still in ER (15 hours now). Ultrasound confirms need to remove gall bladder … But still a “we can do nothing but wait” situation. Should he seek other opinion or try something else?

Doctor: Welcome to Ask The Doctor.We are here to help you on this medical health advice platform.To perform any surgery, a person has to be physically fit as declared by physician. Physically fit term involves at least a controlled blood pressure, blood sugar and a stable cardiac and respiratory status to tolerate the surgery. Definitely surgery can’t be performed in a state of high BP as there is always a risk of increase bleeding due to high BP. So, if his BP is high, that needs to be get under control before any surgery is performed. In case of emergency surgery, we give medications oral as well as intravenous and get the BP to the desired levels.You have not mentioned to us his BP readings but in any case, since he is having Acute Cholecystitis, he needs surgery on emergency basis. So, BP can be controlled with 24 hours by giving medicines and surgery can be performed. High BP doesn’t warrant deferral of any emergency surgery.Your surgeon will ask for an Internal Medicine reference and the Physician will prescribe the medicines to get his BP under control and he can be taken for surgery as soon as he is able to get his BP under control.Share my opinion with your doctor. If they still defer the surgery, you can take a second opinion.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy.