Brown discharge and bleeding? Could I be pregnant?

Patient: Okay so i had unprotected sex about just over 2 weeks ago, im on the pill but i have a tenancy to take it late or take 2 in one day….Anyway I’ve been having backaches, cramps, headaches, ive been out of it, ive been feeling like crap, etc. That started about 3-4 days after intercourse and now last Saturday so roughly 7 days ago i noticed some spotting on Saturday and as the days progressed it turned into bleeding and very brown discharge.Its been heavy enough to wear pads and tampons, but not enough to soak an entire one in one day. Pretty sure this is not my period since its not due until around February 1st…What could this be? Its freaking me out. I think it may be implantation bleeding…But i took a pregnancy test about 2 days ago and it came out negative, but I believe that was because i took it too early or something…Any thoughts? And sorry for TMI…

Symptoms: Cramps, extra emotional, headaches, backaches, discharge, tiredness, etc

Doctor: Hello,YES , it appears to be an implantation bleed as you are in a habit of missing your pills and chances are that o vulation may have occurred in this cycle because of that and your contraceptive may have been lost.Aurine pregnancy test would be insensitive at this moment. You may undertake a lab based serum beta hcg level test after 7 days post intercourse.if the levels of hcg are more than 1 or raised, then you are pregnant but if they are less than 1 , it rules out pregnancy completely. then the light brown discharge may be because of withdrawal or break through bleeding and not a sign of implantation bleed.So, get the serum beta hcg lab test done for getting a clearer picture of your situation.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you goo health,regards