Brown discharge, clots, mucus..Not an early period.. Early Miscarriage?

Patient: Hi, I’ve been on the same pill for over 2 years, haven’t missed any recently. I’m 19, at uni, and work both days in the weekend so under a lot of stress lately. I started having a dark brown discharge a week before my period, and soon after there were also dark brown clots and some mucus, so much that i had to use pads and tampons to keep it tidy. I havent had much pain, felt very tired, was very over emotional for a day, and its only just starting to slow now, (four or five days later)I went to my doctor and he said it was likely my period come early due to stress. I didn’t tell him it was brown, just that there were clots. Is it likely that I have had an early miscarriage? It hasn’t been anything like a period..