Brown discharge in urine and enlarged vein in Testicle

Patient: I have been stressing out a little recently. Yesterday I was working out then when i went to pee i found what looked like a slighty black or bluish lump on the bottom left testicle. I felt it and it sort of felt like a wormy kind of feeling like an enlarged vein. It did not feel spherical. Later it reduced in size. Then the next day i looked for it but i did not see anything. I felt all around but it is not there. I felt a little bit of tenderness off and on but no much. I was wondering if maybe the blood got constricted and it swelled or something. I read up on varicoceles but i don’t think it was that since it disappeared so quickly. I feel okay now i just got really freaked out.

Symptoms: Just an enlarged vein type of feeling and a very small amount of tenderness.

Doctor: Thanks for the query,It is better to get a physical consultation with your surgeon to rule out varicocoele. You may al so asked to have an ultra sonogram done to confirm the diagnosis.