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Patient: My period usually lasts 5 days and it starts around the 10th, but this month I got it the 19th and I’ve had it for 7, almost 8 days and it has been dark brown, the whole time I’ve had it. ( on the 17th, 2 days before my period started I took a pregnancy test and tested negative) Me and my boyfriend have been using the pull-out method. Not very smart, I know, but yeah. Could I still be pregnant? Perhaps tested to early?

Symptoms: Moody, emotional, sore muscles

Doctor: You did the right thing by taking a pregnancy test after missing your period. Anytime after missing your periods is a go od time to take the home pregnancy test, if your dates are accurate. The test when correctly performed is almost 99 percent reliable. If you have any doubts about your previous period dates, just take the test again after a week.It is definitely alarming to have a brownish coloured discharge like menstrual flow and an accidental pregnancy may seem like an obvious cause. However many common conditions other than pregnancy may also cause such variations in a woman’s menstrual pattern. Stress, excessive exercise, weight fluctuations, hormonal imbalances, chronic illnesses, crash dieting are some of the common causes.I would suggest that you maintain a menstrual diary over the next few months and note down the characteristics of your periods. If the abnormal pattern continues, an evaluation by a gynecologist is definitely warranted.

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