Brown spots from vagina

Patient: I am 27 year old women.I am doing plan of getting pregnancy from the May 2014. I got my period before started plan of pregnancy, but from the last 2 months i did not get my period . Instead of getting period from the last 27 days i have been getting brown blood spots from my vagina. First 10 days it was leaving marks on my inereares but then after it is in my vagina means whenever i wipe my vagina i got brown spots.I consulted with doctor, did my pregnancy and blood tests but both show me negative result that i am not pregnant.Doctor suggested me to wait and watch until to get next period,but i am worried about it.I did not get this kind of problem before.Could you please suggest me that is this the symptoms of the serious problem?Thanking you,

Doctor: Many women experience abnormal vaginal bleeding or spotting sometime in their lives. I can only imagine how distre ssing this must be to you especially since you are trying to conceive.A number of reasons such as hormonal disturbances due to polycystic ovaries, hyperthyroidism, pelvic infections, excessive stress, strenous exercise can lead to abnormal bleeding. Sometimes women who are trying to conceive take a lot of pressure on themselves which itself further aggravates their problem. I would agree with your doctor’s advice that you wait for another cycle to see if the pattern continues. If your periods continue to be abnormal, you can then get yourself investigated to know the cause of the abnormal bleeding. Depending upon the cause the treatment will vary from hormonal pills to antibiotics or surgery.