October 21, 2018

Brownisgh discharge for a single day

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Patient: As per your reply the last date of the menstrual period is January only not the December. Are you sure about it. Why I am asking this is in January the bleeding was limited to one day only that too the bleeding was in brownish colour. Somewhere I have read that these are the symptoms of pregnancy, even though it bleeds. What does this mean ?Please correct me if I am wrong. Awaiting your response.

Symptoms: Pregnancy

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Both the concepts that, scanty flow can be seen in menstrua l period due to different causes like hormonal imbalance, anemia etc and minimal bleeding can be seen during pregnancy in some women on expected date of periods as small gestational sac cannot completely obliterate uterine cavity, are correct.So I if you want to estimate the correct gestational age, please go for an ultrasound.Ultrasound helps in estimating the gestational age and expected date of delivery, according to that last menstrual period can be calculated approximately.Take care.

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