Please can u tell me about Tuberculous lymphadenitis. And it manifests . Signs . And how dangerous it is ? and is it contagious ?

General | 03/31/15

How can I get faster pregnant as I do not know when I ovulate and have not an regular cycle what can I do to get quick pregnant?

General | 03/31/15

Hello Doctor, I am Mohan 22 years old from India, i and my parents are really worrying because of pus tumor behind my right ear appeared for sixth time (twice at the age of 10, twice at the age o...

Ear Infections | 03/31/15

Hi doctor, i'm 27 and 1 week back my right leg knee was turned left and then right and taken medicine. today doctor suggested for MRI, below is the report. Final Report OBSERVATION ...

ACL Injuries | 03/31/15

I had a malignant hypertension in the year 2005 and consequent to it an acute renal failure which left the kidney serum cretanine at 3.5. However, after 10 years, the creatanine has become 7.0. Me...

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