Firstly, I have to apologize as the symptoms that I'm inquiring is for my mother who lives in The Borneo Island. She is 68yrs old and lately she has been having severe headache. The local doctor ha...

Can you acquire vaginal chlamydia from giving oral sex to an infected male?

Chlamydia | 03/02/15

I have been having some recurrent heart palpitations since I was around 20 (I'm now 30). Initially I was told this was probably down to anxiety and after 3 or 4 visits to the doctor I gave up, carr...

Heart Health | 03/01/15

Can I reinfect myself with Chlamydia using a sex toy? If I clean it will the bacteria die and will I be able to use the toy again.

Chlamydia | 03/01/15

I just gave my boyfriend a blow job for the first time. I had no problem with his semen or anything worse at the time. I wasn't grossed out, I didn't trigger my gag reflex. But soon after I got a b...

Sex | 03/01/15
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