Hi I am 27 years old and I have below normal HCL and high trigllycerides. I had some medication early on, It did work but after doctors reccomendation I reduced it to half and now my reports are ba...

Cholesterol | 05/03/15

Dear Doctor, I am a male 43 years old and occasionally (3-4 times a year) experiencing episodes of a sudden impaired vision (not exactly blurred but more like the picture is playing/tingling at th...

Recent Pap smear results were: atypical endocervical glandular cells favor neoplasty. What does this mean?

General | 05/03/15

I have a rash that turned into a blister, i thought it was fungus but its not that, i dont know what it is

General | 05/03/15

The last two months, less than a week before my period, i pass something in the toilet tbat looks about an inch long... Like a skinny football with a curly end. It is white with blood inside it an...

General | 05/03/15
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