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I eecently learned I am pregnant. Before I found out, I drank heavily one night, when I would have been 2 and a half weeks. Should I be worried about harm to the baby?

If I had an angiogram and my arteries were 100% clean do I need to still worry about having a heart attack?

I had a encounter with a high risk individual a month back ,developed a white tongue four weeks from exposure this has been the same for two weeks and dry cough for more than a week and now phlegm ...

Hi, My cousin made some blood tests and the following results are bad: WBC 25.33. Normal (3.91---10.9) NEUT% 78.6% Normal (41---70.7) LYM% 12.2. Normal (19.1---47.9) NEUT. 19.94 Nor...

I have a cast on my foot for a jones fracture surgery. I was on my knee scooter and I back into a door. The base of the cast hit the the door. Could I have hurt my injury

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