Bruised nail no pain for months

Patient: My nail well underneath it has been bruised for months now i have no pain and i was wondering whats happening with it , what happened was i was skateboarding and my skateboard landed on my toe nail and bruised it! what do you thinks wrong with it?

Symptoms: Black/ blue coloured bruise but only half is bruised

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for writing to Ask The Doctor.I believe that you had an injury to you nail while skating. The injury h as caused bleeding under the nail bed. The nail causes the blood to stay trapped under the nail.You can attempt to remove the blood from under the toe nail by using a paper clip, a source of fire and a cloth to hold the paper clip.1. Straighten the paper clip and heat over a fire till it is red hot.2. Touch the heated end of the paper clip to the nail. It will start to melt the nail.3. Once the hole is deep enough, it will reach the trapped blood. Once it reaches the trapped blood, the blood will ooze out of the nail.4. You can then clean the nail using an anti-septic solution like Dettol.If this does not help, consult a physician to get the blood removed.