Bruising, Hair and Weight Loss, and no help!

Patient: I’m feeling a bit desperate, so this is a last resort and I hope that perhaps you can offer me some advice. My girl-friend (Age 26) is living in Japan currently, and has for a few years. About 2 months ago she was diagnosed with and treated for Anemia after passing out on an elevator in her apartment building. Her treatment lasted only a couple weeks, and consisted, as i understand it, of just iron supplements. A few weeks ago she became very ill, with what she thought was influenza. This occurred roughly 24 hours after receiving the H1N1 vaccine. She had a fever of 103 that persisted for 7 days. She is now waking up with bruises, most of them small, about the size of a nickel, on her legs mostly and arms. She is losing hair. She has lost weight, and it is apparent in her face as her cheeks have sunken in. She is a pale skinned woman, but she seems more pale now. She gets headaches, the other night she complained to me that her tongue was numb! Just today when she woke up she immediately contacted me to inform that the right side of her face was paralyzed. The doctors in Japan have taken blood, and as we understand it, ruled out Leukemia, Lupus, and HIV. They have told her that she is young, and shouldn’t worry! Needless to say, she and I both are VERY worried. I cannot afford to get to Japan, nor would it help as I don’t speak the language. While she does, because she is not Japanese (Brazilian) they seem to be writing her off. I am seeking not an answer, but rather some guidance here. I have researched this endlessly, and the symptoms seem rather similar to many mineral or vitamin deficiencies. The doctors don’t seem concerned about this, which strikes me as odd given the Anemia.Any response would be welcomed and helpful, I thank you in advance.Jeremy Fall