Bug Bite or Allergy

Patient: Hi, Last year, during my freshmen year of college, I got random “bug bites” that were red and itchy but would go away fairly quickly. They would be on random places of my body like my eye, my hip, my foot, my leg, my arm. Sometimes they were big and looked like spider bites and sometimes they were small and looked like bed bug bites. But the dorm facility could not find any bugs. Could that be an allergic reaction to something or could it show up due to stress? I thought they went away for good. But I just got one today. I just hope they do not keep popping up. What do you think?

Doctor: Thank you for your question. This could possibly be a condition known as contact dermatitis. This is caused when when yo ur skin is exposed to an allergen in your environment, resulting in this ‘rash’ that you are observing. If you have ruled out the fact of having bed bugs or fleas within your residence, it is important that you have your doctor examine these ‘bumps’ when they are present. Allergies to dust, dust mites, or even colours or fragrances to detergent, lotions or even colognes can result in such rashes. Please be guided accordingly.Thank you for choosing AskTheDoctor.com for your health question.