Bump/lump at vagina entrance.

Patient: I am a little worried i found a bump/lump of sorts in the entrance of my lady part and it didn’t hurt until i plopped onto the couch. Come to find out i may have “popped” it. I’m not sure but i thought the blood had come from my period so i did a tampon test, as weird as that sounds, and it is only bleeding where the bump/lump is. There is not a lot of blood but there is blood. There is no foul odor. No discolored discharge. My lady part is not swollen nor does it seem to have any infections.

Symptoms: Bleeding where the bump/lump is. Pain where lump is.

Doctor: Hello,It is likely that the bump over the vagina may have been cellulitis or carbuncle which may have popped while si tting down on the couch and caused the bleeding. It is unlikely to be any vaginal bleed as there has been foul smelling discharge possibly pus or sebum which came out followed by blood and associated pain. There is no real cause to worry as this may get healed on its own.Regards,