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Bump on Genital Shaft.

Patient: Last time I had sexual intercourse was about 3-4 week’s ago (Unprotected). Recently I noticed one bump on my genital shaft almost looks exactly like a pimple (also no white head on the “pimple”). I did research & I am not experiencing any of the symptoms. It does however sometimes itch, now I don’t know if this is because of the “bump” or because I am paranoid. Anyhow, is this something that I should be worried about and get checked out?




Symptoms: Coughing (I am a smoker) & sometimes itching.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The bump, which looks like a pimple, could be a hair follicle infection or a herpes as we ll.We cannot come to any conclusion without an examination.There is nothing to worry as everything has a treatment, I suggest you see a doctor and get it personally examined to rule out all possibilities, you may need a course of antibiotics in case it is a significant one. Some may just fade away without treatment. Make sure you maintain sanitary hygiene, keep the area dry and avoid cosmetics over the same. Wear cotton undergarments instead of nylon ones and avoid tight fitting clothes.Hope this helped.Regards.


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