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Bumps at back of throat, i lubricate with the sex toy with saliva.

Patient: I’m a guy and every now and then I use a sex toy, and to lubricate it I use my tongue. Immediately after my most recent use, I started to have a sore throat. 2 days later, me and everybody I was around had the flu so I figured that was it. But now, I’m over the flu and still have red bumps at the back of my throat and inflammation on the sides of my throat, I think my tonsils. It isn’t sore and doesn’t give me any problems at all but every time I breathe, there’s a tickle in my throat which causes me to cough nonstop. I hope this isn’t an STD, please let me know if there’s a risk from my own sex toy.




Symptoms: Coughing

Doctor: Thanks for your question.This does look like a STD, rather looks like a follicular tonsillitis. I guess you need to see an ENT Specialist for further management though you must know that there could be STDs like chlamydia , herpes and syphilis including fluid/blood borne hepatitis A, Band C, can be transmitted through sex toys if shared.Hope this helps

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Patient: Okay well the thing is I do not share my sex toys with anybody, and I am a virgin. Is there still a risk of these bumps being an STD? I have had these bumps for months and it’s worrying me. If I didn’t look at my throat I honestly wouldn’t know they are there because I don’t feel any pain or anything.


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