Bumps on head of penis

Patient: I had oral sex done to me a couple months back. Within a couple hours these little bumps popped up on the head of my penis. They are almost red in color and are very tiny. I have tried all the otc creams and two months later it is still there. When im erect or washing with warm water they are more visible, but almost impossible to see when not. They dont itch but kind of burn a bit sometimes. I got tested and came up negative for everything. Except I had a couple warts frozen off on shaft and nurse said he didnt know. It was a free clinic so didnt treat anything further. The bumps dont look like warts or related to the hpv to me. I talked to a Dr which I paid money to see and he could not see thim and told me not to worry and gave no script. Do you know what this could be? Treatment?