Bumps on my Labia. Picture included

Patient: Hello! So a few weeks ago after shaving my genital area, I found I was itchy. Assuming it was shaving bumps, I went to go look with a mirror. I found that, because I had itched my vaginal area, it was very irritated. When I knew it had stopped being irritated I went and looked back, I found that there were two bumbs on either side of my Labia. They were both in the exact same spot on both sides, a little red, itchy to the touch, no puss, no smell, no extra discharge, and no bigger than the size of a pencil eraser on the end of a pencil. I ignored them, seeing as I’m 16 and don’t want to ask my mom to take me to the OB-GYN. The itching continued every now and then, but I always make sure I shave my genital area so I assumed it had something to do with that, but the bumps had gone away and I didn’t see them for about a month. Well tonight, I shaved again and looked back and they’re back. Very itchy. And they are not ingrown shaving bumps (trust me), they are directly on my Labia, exact same place asLast time. I’m worried it could be an STD. However I haven’t had sex for 5 months, it was protected, and I’m 99% sure he didn’t have any VDs. What do I do? Please help me.

Symptoms: Itching

Bumps on my Labia. Picture ...-1

Doctor: Thank you for your question. From your picture it does not look like you have any ingrown hairs, however the raised area s do show signs of inflammation namely, redness and swelling. Repetitive shaving of your genital area can result in irritation, burning, itching, and ingrown hairs. We recommend that you refrain from shaving until the area heals completely. Laser hair removal can provide you with more long term results, and you will not need to shave or wax in between. If the itching, redness and swelling worsens, we recommend that have your doctor examine the area.Thank you for choosing askthedoctor.com