Bumps under areolas after prohormone cycle

Patient: Hello doctor. I am trying to get a second opinion, just in case. I am 19 years old and in college and I did a cycle of anabolics last year and did not have any side effects. I did a second cycle but became upset and threw the bottle out and did a pretty lazy post cycle therapy, because I did not want to take prohormones anymore. Around 2 weeks after I stopped taking anything I noticed that there were two lumps under each of my nipples. They grew to around half a centimeter each and then stopped. It has been around 4 months since these showed up and I have not noticed any change in them for better or worse. There is only a little discomfort when I press on them. From an aesthetic standpoint, you cannot tell anything is out of the ordinary but my nipples used to be flat and now they look a little swollen because of the lumps and poke off my chest a bit. When I take a cold shower they return to normal but eventually come back to being swollen. My current doctor suggested that I do nothing and don’t take anything else such as Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) or Letro, which is used to treat gyno apparently. He just said to do nothing and if the problem persists beyond six months, to come back and see him. Am I just supposed to do nothing and hope it gets better and not worse?

Symptoms: Swollen areolas, small rubbery lumps behind areolas