Bupropion HCL Strange Sexual Side Effect

Patient: I’ve been on bupropion hcl for years to treat my depression, and one of the side effects I’ve always dealt with is a faint bitter taste in my mouth. Recently because of an insurance hiccup I had to go off the medication for a month or so, then go back on. I tapered up from 150 mg, stayed at 300 mg for two weeks, and now I’m back to my full dose of 450 mg. Ever since I’ve returned to the highest dosage, my boyfriend and I have noticed a problem: he can detect a faint bitter taste when he performs oral sex. This has never been a problem before! Is it simply because I’ve just recently gone back on the medication, or is this side effect here to stay?! I’m worried because even though I’ve never had this specific issue before, the bitter taste in my mouth has always been present.Thanks in advance