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Burn like blister on penile shaft

Patient: Hello, I have a small burn type blister on my penis near the head. It does not cause discomfort, is painless, has not spread, and I did not spread it to my last long term gf. It has the same coloration as the skin of the shaft and I have had it for years. Looking online, it does not resemble any of the images related to hpv warts, syphillis, or herpes. I am wondering if this is a sebaceous cyst, lipoma, or something else because I do not want to spread it if it is contagious. What is it and what should I do about it?




Symptoms: No s/s.

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Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that this lesion on the shaft of your penis could be sebaceous cyst or a for dyce spot. Both of these are caused by a blocked sebaceous gland which results in a swelling, which can be hard, painless and resemble lesions caused by sexually transmitted infections. To be certain that this lesion is not being caused by a sexually transmitted infection, you should have your doctor examine this lesion and and take a swabbing sample to be sent for laboratory testing to detect any sexually transmitted infections. It may also be wise to have a blood test performed to rule out any sexually transmitted infections.Thank you for consulting


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