Burn on neck

Patient: About 5 months ago I got into a serious car accident. The seatbelt left me with an abrasion across my neck. I would describe it as somewhat of a burn. I was told it would heal and return to my normal skin complexion. But there is still a slight discoloration and it is still noticeable. I was first using neosporin then vitamin a. Since its been 5 months without major progress I’ve decided to use coco butter. Do you have any ideas on what I meant use to make my scar less obvious?

Doctor: There are several over-the-counter preparations that are available for treating scars. Vitamin C skin creams (NOT vitami n E, studies have shown that vitamin E is not effective in treating scars), Silicone creams, and Mild steroid creams. If these treatments do not work, you can visit a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon for further evaluation and treatment.