Burning before and after Urination

Patient: Sir, while i am sleeping i am urgency to urine . While i am urinating i am not having pain or burning but few seconds later its start burning some time it leads very long time and i am not getting sleeping.one year back also i got same problem for 5 days, that time i went to doctor and took urine test and it was fine, after five days i got relief from this. but again it starts now. if i am not taking much water there is no urgency of urinate but while i am sleeping suddenly i am waking up because of burning and i start urinating. while urinating there is no problems but after urinating it starts burning .Now almost its 4 days and doctor prescribed some tablets and EPIMAG EFFERVESCENT POWDER. But i am feeling same burning but less pain. Can you please help me?

Doctor: Hank you for question. Even though you were initially tested negative for a urinary tract infection it is still possible that you may still have an infection. Sometimes, standard urinalysis can be falsely negative. As a result the infection will go undetected. We recommend that you follow up with your doctor in order to conduct another urine test and be started on a course of antibiotics to treat this infection. A sample of your urine may need to be sent to the laboratory for culturing of bacteria that could be causing your burning. Try to drink copious amounts of water in order to flush the bladder and urinary tract of any possible infection and slow the progression of this infection into the bladder and up the ureters towards the kidney. Please be guided accordingly.Thank you for choosing AskTheDoctor.com